Whether you are an interested judge, competitor or pet owner, we, the breeders of this versatile little fox-working terrier are relying upon you to help us keep this wonderful old working breed true to its heritage. Breeders, using the Russell Terrier Breed Standard as approved by the AKC, compiled this CD as an aid to those seeking to help us maintain that standard. In addition to information from The American Russell Terrier Club material there are additions and clarifications as deemed necessary based on considerations of correct breed type.

The Russell Terrier is a dog of moderates; he is composed of a subtle "balance" of these moderates, creating the perfect picture that conscientious breeders seek. There is only one exception to the rule of moderation, and that is the Russell's small, oval shaped, spannable, compressible chest - as compared to most other breeds.

The Russell Terrier is not a sparring breed. He is a pack dog, and as such, his temperament is non-confrontational. This is NOT a head/bone breed and should not be judged, or bred, as such. The modified wedge-shaped head should be evident in all specimens, but correctness is determined by the overall balance, proportion, and correct structure of the entire dog as well as its movement-not solely based on the head, nor any other single part of the anatomy. We hope you enjoy our presentation, and we fervently hope this guide will assist everyone involved with the future of the Russell Terrier, to maintain it as a breed that can and will hunt.

                                           For further information, please contact the  ARTC at www.the artc.org.